As if getting married didn't already require a lot of decisions, now men must decide which metal is right for them too. When starting to shop for wedding rings, most guys are surprised to find how many "new" metals are now available. Gone are the days when your choices were limited to white gold and yellow gold. While there are many new metals to choose from, my personal favorite is tungsten wedding rings. tungsten wedding ring

Why Tungsten Wedding Rings? 

  1. Durability and Strength: Looking for a man’s wedding ring that will stand up to everyday wear? Tungsten carbide rings are the hardest metal jewelry available. No matter which tungsten wedding ring you choose, it will be nearly impossible to scratch or dent. 
  2. Hypo-Allergenic: For men with sensitive skin, tungsten wedding rings are an excellent choice because tungsten is a hypo-allergenic metal. Just be sure the ring you buy is not processed with cobalt or nickel. 
  3. Available in Comfort Fit: Tungsten wedding rings can be made in “comfort fit”, which means they will be curved on the inside to fit comfortably on the finger. A comfortable fit is especially important for rings made out of harder metals like tungsten, since they will not wear down like gold. 
  4. Easy to Maintain: Tungsten is such a strong metal that it never needs polishing. It is even more scratch-resistant than titanium. This feature is especially alluring for men who like designs with a brushed finish. 
  5. Brilliant Finish: Fans of tungsten wedding rings say their luster is more brilliant than any other metal, plus, they come in a wide selection of modern designs, including a sophisticated black finish.

Known by many as "wolfram", the atomic number 74, and the chemical symbol W, Tungsten is also a living chemical element. It is found within several different ores, including scheelite and wolframite, and is best known for its remarkable strength and density. In addition to being an excellent metal for jewelry, tungsten is also used in many electrical applications due to its high melting point. 

The word “tungsten” is taken from the Nordic term “tung sten” which means “heavy stone”, but when it is made into carbide, tungsten wedding rings are considered the perfect weight. With a density that is similar to gold, and strength that exceeds titanium, tungsten is an excellent choice for men’s wedding rings.

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