From the time that jewelry was created it has been a status symbol and a fashion statement. In past centuries jewelry was worn to bring luck, protection, fertility and in medieval Europe, jewelry was worn by people in power – Kings, Dukes and Emperors. 

Today many of us wear jewelry every day without a second thought and for many reasons. We might wear jewelry for a special occasion, a gift, an anniversary, marriage or to do with your faith. If your love of jewelry extends to your religion it can be hard sometimes blending fashion and faith. 

Christian jewelry is more than something pretty to go with an outfit.

It wasn’t until the 4th century that images or references to Jesus came in the form of art, sculpture, churches and symbols. The symbol of the cross emerged at this time as well and those not rich enough to afford metals like gold or silver made their crosses out of sticks and leather.

Fast forward to the 21st century and todays worshippers of their faith express themselves in many modern ways with the cross still being the most popular symbol of faith.

Christian rings are a fashionable and simple way to express your faith. You’re not only providing yourself with a reminder of what Christ means to you, but you remind others around each time you stretch your hand to greet someone. 

Christian rings are also appealing to younger Christians who love wearing jewelry every day as well as special religious occasions. Christian jewelry now is a modern interpretation based on lifestyle infusing fashion and faith – today you don’t have to sacrifice style for a powerful message.

There are many men’s Christian wedding rings on the market that serve as a reminder of strength that is given to remain strong, yet the capture the beauty of everlasting devotion by offering a choice of many different styles and symbols. 

See below for a variety of metals and styles:

- Stainless steel wedding ring with cross design. Stunning cross ring with polished plated edges and embossed crosses. Popular with young men wanting to express faith and love simultaneously.

- Titanium cathedral cross ring. Impeccable detailing with ornate crosses; this on trend black titanium wedding band is a great way to share your faith with the world.

- White gold carved crosses. A truly unique wedding ring that is polished with a brushed finish and excellent alternative to the ordinary.

- Yellow gold wedding band with carved crosses. Love, commitment and dedication this extraordinary ring will stand the test of time, like your commitment to marriage and faith. 

- Designer cobalt Christian wedding band with crosses. Another stunning interpretation of fashion and faith. Featuring large and small crosses and made strong with the strength of cobalt.

How do you wear your cross ring?

Firstly you don’t have to be a Christian to wear a cross ring. Crosses and other Christian symbols have been in fashion for many years.  Cross rings can be worn on any finger including the thumb, which further signifies that there are no limitations to its meaning. 

If you’re not religious wearing a cross ring is more closely tied to personal expression than religious or cultural significance. Turn the ring so the cross faces you, this way the cross will be right side up when you admire it on your finger. 

Wearing your faith

If it is a sign of your faith and you plan to wear it as a purity ring you’re reminding yourself of your promise to remain pure as well as potentially inspiring others to follow your example. Saving yourself for your future husband or wife in the name of your faith.  A purity ring is a wonderful public statement that you’re going to be a virgin until your wedding night. A purity ring allows you to wear your beliefs with confidence and now with style to remain strong through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Quality, style and a powerful message are blended together in each piece of religious jewelry. All Christian jewelry from Mens-Wedding-Rings is a powerful visual reminder of what Christ did for us. 

Today’s style in rings/jewelry may be casual, but the message and purpose is to point people in the direction of ‘Way, Truth and Life”, which is Jesus.

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