Many customers ask us, “what are Seranite rings?” Chances are you’ve seen a Seranite ring at least in passing. These rings are becoming increasingly popular as both wedding bands and men’s fashion rings, and for good reason. Here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about these unique and eye-catching bands.

What are Seranite rings? Seranite rings are essentially a superior grade of ceramic rings. Seranite is a trademarked formulation of jewelry ceramic produced by Benchmark, a leading designer of men’s rings. Benchmark uses proprietary pressure injection and sintering to create their exquisite line of Seranite rings.

What are the benefits of Seranite rings? These bands offer all of the benefits of ceramic rings and much more. Benchmark’s specific manufacturing process makes these rings incredibly durable and scratch-resistant, as well as significantly more crack-resistant than ordinary ceramic rings.
Seranite rings are extremely lightweight and comparable in heft to titanium, making them ideal for guys who dislike wearing heavy jewelry. For shoppers on a budget, Seranite rings are very affordable, and a fraction of the price of precious metal bands like gold and platinum. For many customers, buying Seranite rings allows them to get Benchmark quality at a more budget-friendly price tag.
Seranite rings are also hypoallergenic for nearly all customers, making them a great choice for those who have sensitive skin or skin allergies.

What do Seranite rings look like? Like most other men’s ceramic rings, Seranite rings are produced in a rich black color. This ebony hue offers a welcome alternative to the standard metallic look, yet is still neutral enough to wear with just about any outfit. Seranite rings offer several finishes that showcase the handsome look of the material, from satin to polished. Seranite rings with mixed finishes are particularly striking, as is a popular style that incorporates a silver inlay down its center.

Are there Seranite wedding rings? Seranite rings make excellent contemporary wedding bands for men. As previously noted, they are strikingly different from traditional metals yet are versatile enough to pair well with any article of clothing that you can imagine. Because they are so lightweight, they are ideal for wearing on an everyday basis.

How do you clean Seranite rings? Cleaning Seranite rings is as easy as can be. For most surface debris, all it takes is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to return them to their original state. For more caked on grime, a homemade solution of mild dish soap and warm water will suffice. Simply pat dry and return the ring to your finger or to a safe storage area. Because of their superior scratch-resistance, Seranite rings maintain their “just purchased” look for a long period of time.

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