These days, wedding rings can be made from so many different metals; it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Instead of limiting yourself to rings made of gold, silver and platinum, why not find out why everyone is talking about tungsten rings? A tungsten wedding ring has certain qualities that cannot be matched by any other metal. 

The Benefits of Wearing Tungsten 

For the man who works with his hands, or who is just hard on jewelry, tungsten rings are a practical choice. In fact a tungsten wedding ring is virtually scratch-resistant. And since it is one of the hardest metals used for jewelry, it will retain its shape over many years to come. The only material that is hard enough to make noticeable dents in tungsten is a diamond. Tungsten rings are also known for being hypoallergenic, which means they will not cause any skin irritation. 

But beyond all of the practical reasons for choosing tungsten rings, men love their natural luster. The polished shine of a tungsten wedding ring will always be the same as the day you bought the ring, which makes it an excellent choice for the modern man. No other type of men’s wedding ring can make promises like this, but not every metal has the same qualities as tungsten. 

What is Tungsten? 

Tungsten in its purest form is one of the heaviest metals on earth, and it retains its strength even at very high temperatures. For this reason, it has been used for everything from light bulbs to heating elements and rocket engine nozzles and other aerospace applications. It hardness and natural density make tungsten the ideal material for counterweights, heat sinks and ballast keels on yachts. But it was not until tungsten carbide alloys were created that it first became a metal used in jewelry. The alloy form of the metal is similar in density to gold, and yet far more durable, which may explain why tungsten rings are such a popular choice among active men. 

Where Can I Find a Tungsten Wedding Ring? 

If you are searching for that perfect tungsten wedding ring, the ideal place to start is online. For the best selection of tungsten rings, look for a niche web site that focuses on men’s wedding rings. Several online sources have expanded their inventory of tungsten wedding bands to include many unique and alternative designs made from tungsten, including the ever-popular black tungsten rings. Other styles include two-toned, grooved, faceted, laser finished, brushed and polished tungsten wedding rings. 

It’s fair to say that tungsten rings now have a huge following among men. Whether you are looking for a tungsten wedding ring or a unique fashion ring, this virtually indestructible metal is a rising star in today’s jewelry market. Tungsten rings are extremely durable and able to keep their shine much longer than other types of wedding bands, making them the most practical and fashionable choice for any man.

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