For thousands of years, men have presented their future brides with engagement rings as a symbol of their betrothal. This tradition is believed to have begun in Ancient Egypt and continues to this day in many countries around the world. Although engagement rings for women are a longstanding tradition, the same is not true when it comes to engagement rings for men. In fact, men in the U.S. only started to wear wedding rings in the 1940s, and it took several years after that before engagement rings for men became an acceptable way for brides to show their commitment to her future grooms. Recently, engagement rings for men have become more popular.

Whether or not you or the man in your life would like an engagement ring is strictly a matter of personal preference. A man who likes to wear jewelry may enjoy wearing an engagement ring to signify his betrothal, while a man who isn’t accustomed to jewelry may prefer to go without. When making this decision, there’s one important fact to remember: engagement rings for men don’t necessarily have to look like traditional engagement or wedding rings. In fact, there are countless styles of men’s rings available in all different types of material, and any one of these would be perfectly suited as an engagement ring. Just consider a few of the various styles available:

  • Titanium rings: One of the most popular of the contemporary jewelry materials is titanium. This durable, modern metal is crack-resistant and relatively scratch-resistant. It’s also very lightweight, which makes it an excellent choice for men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry. Sleek, black titanium rings are among the most popular.

  • Stainless steel rings: For a totally different style of engagement ring, consider stainless steel. This is another example of a modern metal that is quite durable and holds up very well with little or no maintenance. A stainless steel engagement ring with a black carbon fiber inlay might be the perfect choice for a fashion-conscious man who enjoys wearing jewelry.

  • Gold rings: If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, consider a gold engagement ring. Although there are other colors of gold available – white being the most common tone – yellow gold is still the perennial favorite for engagement and wedding bands. Consider a ring that offers a more contemporary look, such as a gold ring with a carved finish.

Engagement rings for men come in virtually any material, color and style you can imagine. If you’re not sure whether you or your future groom would like an engagement ring, there’s no better way to find out than to shop together through the vast selection available at

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