Does Mwr Sell More Than Just Wedding Rings?
You might think that with a name like “” MWR would be focusing on the soon-to-be-married market only but these days, wedding rings have so many different looks that it’s hard to tell a wedding band apart from a fashion ring.  As a result, men often find themselves shopping on this site simply because they entered a keyword like “tungsten rings” into Google.

Do men hesitate to buy a fashion ring from a site that is best known for wedding rings?

At first, it might seem a little strange to be buying a trendy tungsten ring on a “wedding ring website” but the truth is that most of the alternative wedding rings sold on this site are not designed exclusively for married men.  It’s hard to make a website that focuses on men’s wedding rings without making it open to other shoppers.  For example, some women come to MWR to search for a specific type of ring for their man, such as a two tone black and silver titanium ring.  Others look for men’s promise rings or Christian rings as a special gift. There are plenty of men’s rings that can be worn as either a wedding band or a personal statement.  The beauty of MWR is that you can find almost anything here – all at highly competitive prices.

What are some of the most unusual rings being worn as wedding rings?

The answer to this question depends on what you consider unusual.  It used to be that any men’s wedding band that wasn’t made from gold or platinum was unusual, or perhaps it was called “alternative.”  Now, men are more likely to consider titanium and tungsten rings “the norm.” The new alternative ring may be made from cobalt chrome or black ceramic.  Other unique rings have modern engravings or black enamel insets, and some others incorporate a strip of blue carbon fiber down the center of a polished titanium band.  The nice thing about today’s wedding bands is that anything goes.  A man’s choices are only limited by his imagination and his wallet.

Why would someone choose to shop at MWR instead of a regular jewelry store?

There is nothing wrong with shopping at your regular jeweler if you think they’ll have what you want.  However, most jewelry stores are limited in their selection of men’s wedding rings.  Sure, they’ll have your typical 14K and 18K gold styles, and maybe a few “alternative” styles for good measure, but they won’t have the same depth and variety as  Perhaps even more importantly, the price of the rings at MWR is almost invariably lower.  They offer a risk-free shopping experience that includes a lifetime warrantee on their rings and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.  So what are you waiting for?  Start shopping at MWR for your men’s rings that fit any occasion.

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