As the holidays roll around once again, women are looking for meaningful gifts to give the men in their lives. But traditionally it’s been very difficult to find the perfect sentimental gift for a guy.  This may explain why so many women are jumping on the bandwagon with designer Argentium silver rings.  Never heard of “Argentium silver”?  Well you may be hearing a lot more about it this season, especially if you’re researching men’s rings on the Internet.

At first blush, Argentium silver might seem like “just another one of those new metals” being introduced for men’s wedding rings.  While it is relatively new on the scene, it is certainly not “just another metal.”  For one thing, designer Argentium silver rings are considered a precious metal.  They are made from a purer and brighter version of silver that is tarnish-free, and they have a sheer brilliance said to rival platinum.  While there are plenty of popular alternative and industrial metals available for men’s jewelry, none are considered a precious metal. Argentium silver makes the ideal alternative to white gold because of its lower price, but it’s important to remember that silver prices are expected to rise in the coming year. This makes buying a designer Argentium silver ring now a much smarter investment than some other types of rings.

These brilliant, tarnish-resistant silver wedding bands are made from 93.5 percent pure silver alloyed with copper, which makes them brighter and stronger than sterling.  In responses to customer demand, well-known ring designers have added designer Argentium silver to their latest new designer collections.  One of these designers is Benchmark, whose Argentium collection has been getting excellent reviews throughout the men’s jewelry industry. Benchmark’s designer Argentium silver collection features a handsome assortment of original designs that are made to show off the metal’s brilliant finish.

Made with a higher concentration of pure silver that is alloyed with copper, these designer silver wedding bands are more valuable on the metals market than traditional sterling silver.  Designers and buyers appreciate the unique qualities of this metal, and how Argentium silver closely resembles the natural color of pure silver.  Brighter than white gold, platinum and traditional sterling, Argentium is the whitest metal of them all and it never needs re-plating.

Many of the top wedding ring retailers on the Internet count designer Argentium silver among their top collections, which may already include gold, sterling silver, titanium, tungsten, cobalt, palladium and platinum.  This welcome addition to the world of men’s rings has come at the appropriate time, just as people are starting to shop for holiday gifts

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