Couples Rings: His And Hers Wedding Rings

I’m not sure if you know (or may not give two hoots) but Posh and Becks, AKA David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have matching wedding rings, along with everything else his and hers on their wedding day. Now if you were like me, I had a really big gawk at their wedding photos and their wedding was very much an affair of, what’s good for him is equally good for her.

They took his and hers style and gave it a new meaning, his and hers thrones, wedding cakes, hairstyles, wedding attire, even down to wearing the same his and hers under-garments for the big day. Whoa, that’s taking it too far. But hey, who am I to judge, they were and still are 13 years later a very much in love couple and wanted the world to know.

That’s what marriage is folks! Being utterly and truly in love that you can’t see sense anymore and you will agree to almost anything (well, in the beginning). So if your other half wants you to wear his and hers underpants on the day or your wedding, you say, “hell yeah” because you love them.  

Or if you don’t want to go down that path you could always try a more simple and classic gesture of his and hers wedding rings.

Couples have been wearing his and hers wedding band sets for eons, it symbolizes when two souls become one, and now couples are showing their unity in perfect harmony with their rings too.

Getting couples rings could mean to you

1.    A big statement that you and your partner have become one

2.    You have similar tastes and belong together

3.    You might want to show that you value traditions and want to honor them

Love me, love you, and love my ring

Buying couples rings should be as compatible as you being a couple, so being on the same page about what you want is paramount for getting the ring both your heart’s desire. When it comes to wedding rings it is important both of you love the band you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the below list of styles and metals to guide you to your perfect wedding band set.


Gold has long reigned supreme as the traditional metal with bridal jewelry, but lately couples are turning to metals such as platinum, titanium and tungsten. These contemporary metals are strong, scratch resistant and may be good for grooms and brides that have sensitive skin.

·         Titanium men’s rings are one of the most popular metals on the market today for wedding bands. Popular as it is a lightweight and a durable metal and with sleek and stylish grey tones.


·         Gold is an elegant choice for his and hers wedding bands and come in various karats and two shades, yellow and white gold. Always a popular choice and will never loose it’s value or style.


·         Platinum is considered the most highly regarded metal due to its natural silvery white colour. It is also said to be the metal “fit for a king” declared Louis XV. Platinum rings are guaranteed to fare well and won’t tarnish or change color over their lifetime.


·         Tungsten rings will not tarnish, scratch or bend. Platinum may be the fairest of them all, but tungsten wedding rings are the toughest of them all.


A Yellow gold ring is synonymous with weddings and a traditional choice, but now a days you can choose from many different colours even as unique as  Koa Wood wedding bands, Titanium Wood Inlay or Sterling Domed wedding bands.


Along with color and metal, couples rings have come a long way with style and design. Today’s rings are sleek with a highly polished finish. Contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between, matching wedding bands come in every style and your design should reflect your own personal style.

I say couple rings are the most romantic gesture there is, and if you’re partner wants to get them, I say go for it. They are sweet, adorable and really show the world how you feel about each other.

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