As the summer ring-buying season moves into high gear, men and women are seriously considering their options in choosing wedding bands.  This may explain why mens tungsten wedding bands or rings are selling so well this year.


With gold prices rising, engaged couples are doing more research before going out and buying an expensive ring.  Instead of sticking with traditional metals like gold and platinum, they are getting a lot more practical with their selections.  Maybe it is the effects of the recession, or their less conservative worldview, but it’s obvious that young “twenty-somethings” are crazy about industrial metals.

As one of the top online retailers of men’s wedding rings, I asked the owners of to weigh in on mens tungsten bands and rings.  Roy and Judy Devine had just received several new testimonials from customers who had made the decision to buy tungsten.  Here is a sampling of what their customers have to say –


“We started out searching for a polished titanium band for my fiancé, but then we came across the selection of mens tungsten bands and rings on your website.  We had already heard that these rings were stronger and very scratch-resistant – even more so than titanium – but we thought they were out of our price range.  Thank you for making such a terrific selection of tungsten rings available at affordable prices.  My fiancé loves the weight of his ring, and we are very happy we found your online store!”  (Lily C., Doylestown, PA)


“I was in search of a last minute replacement to the ring I bought at another store, and I needed to find one quickly.  My wife and I had ordered new wedding bands for each other to exchange when we renewed our vows last month in Hawaii.  When my first ring arrived (from another retailer) it was not at all what I expected. I returned that one and quickly chose a ring from your selection of mens tungsten bands and rings.  This one was perfect, and I got it in plenty of time for our trip.  So glad we chose to purchase a tungsten wedding ring from MWR.” (Robert M., Dallas, TX)


As you can see, more couples than ever are finding that mens tungsten wedding bands or rings are a great way to celebrate their love.  Instead of spending a lot on a new gold or platinum ring, they are finding that tungsten offers everything they want in a wedding band – great looks, durability and an affordable price.  Not only are they much more scratch resistant than other metals, tungsten rings are also available in a variety of contemporary designs that are attractive to younger men.


Find out why today’s couples are crazy about tungsten rings.  For the best selection of mens tungsten wedding bands or rings, shop the extensive collection at

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