Most couples who shop for wedding bands are thinking about two things; how the ring looks on their finger and how much it will cost.  While there is nothing wrong with liking the look of your ring and being able to afford it, there is a third consideration that will need to be made – choosing the right metal.

Not long ago, choosing a metal for a wedding band was pretty simple; you chose between a white gold and yellow gold band and if you had a few extra bucks to throw around you considered platinum. Buying men’s wedding bands was much easier before all the new and alternative metals were introduced.  Nowadays, there are men’s titanium wedding rings, cobalt chrome wedding bands, Argentium silver rings and more.  As a result, choosing the right metal requires a bit more thought; but I consider that a good thing.


When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, personal taste plays an important role, but beyond that it is important to find a ring that matches your lifestyle.  For example, if you spend your days doing carpentry, contracting or construction work, you will need a heavy-duty ring that will stand up to scratches and dents.  The best ring for men with this lifestyle is often a tungsten ring, since they are the most scratch-resistant rings of all the alternative metals.  However, tungsten is also heavier than any other jewelry metal.


Another great metal for active lifestyles is titanium.  Men’s titanium wedding rings are also very strong and durable, but unlike tungsten carbide they are very lightweight.  Both metals are slightly darker than white gold, but they are also hypoallergenic and easy to maintain.  Men who are averse to wearing rings will often choose men’s titanium wedding rings because they are so comfortable and lightweight.


If you are not worried about scratching or denting the ring, then you might want a certain style of ring.  For example, younger men are choosing black rings in greater numbers than ever.  Once a trend only appreciated by urban guys, black rings are now selling across every demographic group.  Before you start thinking that a black ring will show scratches and the coating will come off, think again.  Men’s titanium wedding bands are tinted black all the way through.  The same is true with black rings made from tungsten carbide and ceramic materials.  All of these rings retain their shine and are easy to maintain.


It may sound like I’m a little biased toward men’s titanium wedding rings.  For a variety of reasons, titanium is the metal I chose, but other guys are happier with a more “weighty” ring, or a softer metal that can be carved into intricate patterns.  As you start to shop for men’s wedding bands, there is one thing that you can be sure about; today’s selection of rings is more comprehensive than at any time in the past.  For the best selection of men’s titanium wedding rings, as well as rings made from tungsten, cobalt, gold, ceramic and more, shop the online stores – and don’t forget to compare prices.

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