As romantic as weddings can be, the fact remains that nearly half of all first marriages end in divorce. Even if you don’t believe in “luck”, it may be tempting to believe that certain types of wedding traditions bring good fortune to a marriage. Weddings are steeped in folklore, and this universal ceremony has always been influenced by the superstitions and beliefs of many cultures. One popular notion involves wearing a mens sterling silver wedding ring known as a Claddagh ring, or a Celtic knot wedding band. 

Whether you’re Irish by blood, or just enjoy wearing green on St. Paddy’s Day, you may have seen your fair share of Claddagh rings. This mystical and classic design depicts two hands coming around one crowned heart, and symbolizes love, loyalty, friendship and fidelity. Claddagh rings were first created over three hundred years ago in a tiny Irish fishing village called Claddagh, and many people believe that wearing one is the best way to guarantee good fortune in a marriage. 

If the Claddagh is a bit too fanciful for your taste, another lucky mens sterling silver wedding ring is the Celtic love knot, a delicately intertwined design that is worn by both men and women. Tradition tells us that the Celtic love knot band may be the wedding most responsible for the phrase “tie the knot”. This saying sprang up from the ancient Celtic tradition of “hand-fasting”, a symbolic ritual in which the newlywed couple would have their hands tied together with an eternity knot. Crafted out of top quality .925 sterling silver, both of these wedding rings proclaim the Irish toast “let love and friendship reign”. 

Of course, wearing a mens sterling silver wedding ring is not the only way to bring good fortune to your marriage. According to some, another way to generate luck is to get married on a rainy day. Rain on your wedding day is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to a marriage. This belief is also based on the old wives’ tale that a wet “knot” is harder to break, thus rain makes the marriage stronger. Snow is also a promising sign, symbolizing fertility and prosperity. But if neither rain nor snow fall down from the sky on your big day, then tears from the bride or from a child during the ceremony are also considered lucky. 

Whether you choose to wear a mens sterling silver wedding ring or a ring made of another metal, the wedding ring has always signified an eternal bond between a man and a woman. Starting with its circular shape, which represents a gateway to eternity; wedding bands play an important role in our contemporary culture. Even the fact that wedding rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand has its roots in ancient culture, when people still believed that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart. 

A Celtic mens sterling silver wedding ring is no guarantee of good luck in a marriage, nor is any other type of wedding band, but don’t tell that to the Irish. Remember the famous saying by Shirley Temple Black – “Good luck needs no explanation”.

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