When it comes to buying jewelry, men rarely think about buying something for themselves. Men are usually found in a jewelry store just before the holidays, their anniversary or their wife’s birthday. This means the average guy probably knows more about buying diamond tennis bracelets than he knows about men’s white gold rings and men’s wedding rings. 

You might be thinking, what is there to know about buying men’s white gold rings and men’s wedding rings? But surprisingly, there are several new styles, band designs and textures that most men are not familiar with. Before you start shopping for a new wedding band or fashionable white gold ring, it may help to brush up on the “lingo” that is often used to describe men’s jewelry. 

Below is a quick reference guide to help you sound like an expert when you start shopping for men’s white gold rings & men’s wedding rings

Alloy: Most white gold rings & men’s wedding rings are not 100% pure; they are alloyed with other metals. Be sure to ask which metals are contained in an alloy before you buy. 

Beveled Edge: This style is one where the sides of the ring are angled and polished to show off the brilliance of the metal. 

Brushed / Polished: Men’s wedding rings are available in a satin-like matte finish (brushed) or a shiny finish (polished), but many rings combine both of these finishes as a part of the design. 

Carved / Engraved: If you’re looking for a ring that has an interesting texture, then you might want to check out a selection of carved men’s white gold rings or men’s wedding bands with a ruggedly engraved surface. 

Comfort-fit: Some of the top designers have made it much easier for men to wear rings. By rounding off the inside edges of a ring, men can wear it comfortably all day long. 

Euro-fit: This relatively new style is offered in many men’s white gold rings and men’s wedding rings. Euro-fit means that the band itself is 2.3mm thick instead of 1.8mm thick, making it stand out more against the finger. 

Hand-woven: For men who are want a more complex texture that has a style all its own, hand-woven rings have the unique appearance of being braided or woven. Milgrain: A tiny row of beading around the edge gives a traditional domed wedding ring a classic look. Most men’s white gold rings and men’s wedding rings are available with a milgrain edge. 

Two-tone: As the name implies, two-tone rings combine white and yellow gold in a variety of appealing styles. 

Spending some time getting to know the various ring styles, band designs and textures available will make your experience shopping for men’s white gold rings and men’s wedding rings much more enjoyable.

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