For jewelers and shoppers alike, the name Benchmark is synonymous with high quality and superior craftsmanship. Benchmark has had a 40+ year history as one of the nation’s most premier domestic manufacturers. So why choose Benchmark wedding rings? Here are 7 reasons why.

A rich history. Benchmark founder Tom Tosyali built his first factory over 40 years ago to create a production center and home for his exceptional Benchmark products. Since then, Benchmark has grown into an international company, but has never lost sight of its original dedication to quality.

Quality of manufacturing.During the time of their production alone, Benchmark wedding rings pass through much more vigorous inspections than most men’s bands will undergo in a lifetime. In addition to multiple quality inspection points, most Benchmark wedding rings pass through over 20 separate operations. All rings with designs are die struck and precision milled for the best result possible.

Lifetime Guarantee.Benchmark stands behind the quality of their rings, and wants to ensure that they maintain their handsome appearance for years to come. As such, a Lifetime Guarantee is offered on all Benchmark wedding rings, which covers lifetime refinishing and resizing among other benefits.

Modern innovation. Benchmark wedding rings have long been on the cutting edge of technology and modern innovation. One of Benchmark’s defining features and greatest triumphs of its technology has been the comfort fit design. This now omnipresent fit employs additional material on the interior of the band to create a more rounded and comfortable fit. Most men who have worn a comfort fit ring vow never to go back to a traditional fit ring.

A variety of materials. While Benchmark wedding rings can be found in traditional precious metal materials like gold and platinum, Benchmark has been fearless in developing designs in contemporary materials, namely in its Forge Collection. These alternative materials include titanium, tungsten, cobalt chrome and Seranite (a higher quality form of ceramic). The prices for these alternative materials are far lower than that of precious metals, yet all Forge Collection items still carry the quality and Lifetime Guarantee of the Benchmark name.

Breadth of designs. One of Benchmark’s hallmarks is its vast and varied selection of designs. From intricate traditional designs to almost starkly minimalist contemporary designs, Benchmark truly has something for everyone.

Superior alloys. It’s not just the base metal that counts: the right alloying material can make or break a wedding band. Benchmark wedding rings contain superior alloys for increased durability and quality. Case in point: Benchmark’s Argo Collection. These Argentium silver wedding bands utilize the metalloid germanium, which gives this sterling silver alloy an incomparable luster while increasing its tarnish-resistance.

For these reasons and much more, Benchmark wedding rings have developed a huge international fan base. What do you love most about Benchmark wedding rings?

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