If you’re one of those guys who never even thought about wearing a ring until it was time to start shopping for wedding rings, you may be surprised at the variety of mens rings now available.  One reason for this is the fact that men are more fashion-savvy than ever.  Finally – men feel comfortable enough to express their individualism through their choice of mens rings!  Instead of the standard gold rings with a traditional domed profile, a more robust selection of mens rings is now available to meet the changing demands of mens ring buyers.

Before you jump in and start shopping for mens rings, here are three important trends to consider.

Personalized and Unique Mens Rings are “In”

Men are less afraid of taking chances with their choice of mens rings, as evidenced by the rise of new metals like titanium, tungsten and cobalt chrome.  Now, instead of choosing the traditional “status quo” band, men are looking to these alternative metals for a more personalized wedding band.   Designers are constantly releasing unique new looks for mens rings, with the most contemporary looks being made from industrial metals.  Not only are these rings a great looking alternative to gold and platinum, they are also a lot less expensive.

Comfort is King

Men who sit in an ergonomically designed desk chair and drive in an ergonomically designed car will not have much patience for a ring that is hard to put on or pinches his skin.  This is especially true for men who don’t usually wear jewelry.  Thankfully, a new breed of mens rings called “comfort-fit” is an option offered by most ring designers.  Comfort-fit simply means the ring isn’t totally flat on the inside; it is slightly domed with curved edges and slips on easily.  These mens rings are a perfect choice for guys who balk at the idea of wearing a ring every day.

Stop Shopping at the Mall

Men don’t need to be convinced to stop shopping at the mall for mens rings.  In fact, most would prefer to skip the mall entirely.  But when it comes to shopping for men’s wedding bands, shopping at the mall just doesn’t make sense, especially once you see the selection and pricing available at online discounters.  There’s even a special online store just for men’s wedding rings – Mens-Wedding-Rings.com – which offers unbeatable prices and an incredible selection.

As the owner of this online store, Roy Devine jokingly warns his customers, “This is not your father’s wedding ring store.”  Their mens ring selection includes diverse collections of gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten, cobalt, stainless steel and sterling silver, plus a nice selection of men’s large size rings, all available at low everyday prices.

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