It’s hard to believe that contemporary metals have become so popular that they are actually battling each other for the top position.  Not long ago, few people had even heard of these metals, but now the competition of tungsten vs. titanium is on, and many jewelry buyers are choosing sides.

Why is it “tungsten vs. titanium” rings and not two other metals that are battling it out?  One reason is that tungsten and titanium are similar in price, and they tend to be designed in comparable styles.  Many of the same designers who make titanium rings are also making tungsten rings, which often results in the same ring being available in two different metals, but in reality these metals are very different from one another.

In order to make the best decision when comparing tungsten vs. titanium rings, it’s important to understand the differences between them.

Tungsten rings 
Tungsten is a heavy and hard metal which is naturally four times harder than titanium.  While not indestructible, it would be extremely difficult to destroy a tungsten ring.  One of the chief selling points about tungsten is its scratch-resistance.  Because of its carbide-ceramic nature, tungsten easily maintains a shiny and polished look with very little maintenance.  Tungsten jewelry won’t tarnish like other metals and it is generally more durable than any other wedding ring material.  The only downside is the fact that tungsten can be a little heavy on the hand.  Weight is the most obvious difference in a comparison of tungsten vs. titanium rings because titanium rings are surprisingly lightweight.

Titanium Rings

Titanium was first discovered at the end of the 18th century and was named for the Titans because of its unbelievable strength.  While this unique jewelry metal is just as strong as steel, it feels more like it’s made out of aluminum.  This lightweight feel is a benefit for people who want a ring that doesn’t weigh them down, but one that still holds up to daily wear and tear.  For men who live near salt water or enjoy swimming in the ocean, titanium jewelry is a terrific option. Titanium rings are known for how well they hold up to extensive exposure to the elements.  Because it is hypoallergenic, titanium is also used to make surgical tools and prosthetic hip replacements.

Both tungsten rings and titanium rings are strong; but how might they react in an emergency?  If you were to slam your finger in a door while wearing a titanium ring it would bend somewhat, possibly hurting your finger, whereas a tungsten ring is likely to maintain its frame or in a worst-case scenario, crack.  In this situation, a tungsten ring would be preferable.  However, if you are choosing rings or bracelets based on weight, then titanium might be your choice because the lightweight nature of titanium is one its best characteristics. When comparing tungsten vs. titanium rings, tungsten is 90 percent heavier than steel and titanium jewelry is 43 percent lighter than steel.

Based on the information provided in this article along with your personal preference, you can now decide between buying tungsten and titanium rings. Both types of jewelry offer pros and cons.  To summarize, tungsten jewelry is durable, strong, and heavy while titanium jewelry is durable, strong, and lightweight.

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