When money is no object, the clear favorite metal for men’s wedding rings is platinum. Known as an extremely rare metal – even more rare than gold – platinum has only been found in a few locations on the planet. Up until recently, platinum’s density and strength, combined with its brilliant white color, put this rare metal in a class of its own. But the jewelry industry is constantly changing, and some would argue that a new product may change all that. That new product is men’s white tungsten rings.

Industrial metals like tungsten, titanium and cobalt have been around a while now, and become known for their resilience, strength and shine. But there has always been one area where they couldn’t compete with platinum, and that was their color. Titanium and tungsten tend to be a little more on the gray side in terms of color, which make them appear noticeably different than platinum. Cobalt is probably the closest to platinum in color, but even that is not an exact match for its brilliant “whiteness”. However, with the introduction of men’s white tungsten rings, platinum ring dealers may be understandably nervous. Even though it is will never be considered a “precious metal”, this groundbreaking new product is set to give platinum a run for its money. 

By now you may be wondering how men’s white tungsten rings are made, or if there is any reason not to buy one. Let’s start with the manufacturing process. White tungsten goes through a three-stage finishing procedure to get its bright white color, which results in a shade that is much lighter than the deep gray color of tungsten carbide. Interestingly, the creation of this premium white finish involves a bonding that is made of 95% “platinum group metals”, so it’s not surprising that it would be compared to platinum. 

Like their base metal, men’s white tungsten rings are just as dense, strong, and scratch-resistant after the whitening process. The proprietary three-step technical deposition process used to create these rings does nothing to change the properties of tungsten carbide. Rather, it gives customers more options to choose from in this popular metal. Guys who were just about to purchase a platinum ring may want to think twice about that decision. For significantly less money, men’s white tungsten rings are a much more practical choice. 

The only reason not to buy men’s white tungsten rings is if you prefer the darker shade of tungsten, or a lighter weight metal like titanium. Tungsten will not irritate the skin the way some alloys will, and it will never need to be re-plated. Men who love the look and feel of tungsten rings will appreciate having another shade to choose from; one that has the brilliance and whiteness of platinum.

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