For as long as I can remember, buying a platinum ring for your wedding band was considered the “ultimate luxury.”  If it wasn’t obvious from the outward appearance and brilliance of this rare white metal, it was impossible to miss it in the price tag.  But platinum is a luxury that few can afford these days.  This could explain the gradual change has taken place in men’s jewelry, but it looks like platinum is no longer the ultimate wedding band metal for men.  Men’s tungsten rings have seen a dramatic spike in popularity and sales over the past couple years, and it doesn’t look like that trend will be changing any time soon.  With gold prices inflating and household budgets shrinking, it is no surprise that a strong and affordable industrial metal would become the “next big thing.”

Men’s tungsten rings are not just for newlyweds.  More and more couples are looking at tungsten carbide for anniversary gifts, birthdays and holiday gifts. Whether it’s time for a new wedding band or a new fashion ring, stylish tungsten collections have something for everyone’s taste.  One of my personal favorites in men’s tungsten rings is a black tungsten ring with a brushed and polished finish. Elegant and modern in appearance, a nice thing about black tungsten is its permanence.  It won’t chip, fade or lose its intense black color because the metal is not coated, but permanently blackened from within.

Another popular choice for men is polished tungsten with a blue or black carbon fiber inset.  These rings have an interesting textural look that is very modern and unique.  A contrasting stripe of carbon fiber complements the natural beauty of the metal and it adds an eye-catching twist to traditional styles.

Men’s tungsten rings have become so popular that other jewelry makers are getting into the act.  Some are using tungsten in bracelets and pendants; others have replaced stainless steel watch bands with tungsten because of its supreme durability and scratch-resistance.  One thing that most men notice about tungsten is its sturdiness, which is evident by its heavier weight.  As an element, tungsten is known as a very hard and dense metal which is often used for industrial applications where extra weight is needed.  However, in order to use tungsten in men’s jewelry it must be alloyed with carbon; hence the name “tungsten carbide,” a process that also makes it slightly less dense than pure tungsten.

Women’s jewelry designers haven’t caught on with the tungsten trend quite yet, which is highly unusual since women are normally considered early adopters.  Perhaps it is the strength and natural gunmetal color of tungsten carbide that makes it more attractive for masculine styles, but designers have already rolled out numerous collections of men’s tungsten rings.

If you’re looking for something special to wear as a wedding band or fashion ring, or you want to surprise that special man in your life with a ring that will last forever, check out the latest collections of men’s tungsten rings.

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