With so much discussion about the latest “alternative and unique” wedding jewelry for men, it is rare to hear anyone proclaim the benefits of buying men’s traditional rings. But despite all the new metals and designs, men’s traditional wedding bands seem to be making a comeback.

This trend toward traditional rings may be more evidence that “men don’t like change”, but many jewelers believe it points towards something much deeper – the devaluation of the dollar. As the grim global economic forecast continues, investment advisors are recommending their clients invest in gold, but that hasn’t included purchasing gold rings. However, as men consider their options in buying a wedding ring, they’re starting to choose gold in larger numbers. Knowing that investors cannot get enough of gold coins, and that forecasters predict continued interest in 2011, men’s traditional wedding bands made of gold are a more attractive choice than ever. 

With all this economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder that many guys have returned to the habit of buying men’s traditional wedding bands made of gold. While these 10K, 14K, and 18K gold rings may be more expensive than the newer industrial metals – and not as durable over time – gold remains one of the most coveted metals for men’s traditional rings. Men love it for its intrinsic beauty, its inherent value and its longstanding role as the “metal of choice” for men’s jewelry. 

Another reason why men’s traditional rings are gaining popularity is the number of new and exciting designs now available in gold. For awhile there, men’s traditional wedding bands were nothing more than a plain gold band; sometimes domed and sometimes flat, but not very interesting to look at. Today however, these traditional wedding bands are being made for more adventurous tastes. Designer collections include carved, engraved, beveled, two-toned and brushed finish rings, which adds a hint of “style” to otherwise traditional-looking rings. Instead of seeing men’s traditional wedding bands as boring, they are considered by many to be timeless and unpretentious; the perfect way to symbolize an enduring love. 

Looking at the investment value of gold, it is clearly a smart decision to buy men’s traditional rings made from this valuable metal. Over the past five years, gold’s value has increased by more than 175%; an incredible feat in a flagging economy, but most people who buy men’s traditional wedding bands are looking at them from a different perspective altogether. Men who buy simple gold rings or other men’s traditional rings are not looking for a ring that stands out or grabs attention; rather, they want a ring that is an ever-present reminder of their loving relationship. 

While it may be possible to get a ring that is just as attractive in a less expensive metal, none of them offer the classic look that is found in lustrous yellow gold. There has never been a better time to consider investing in men’s traditional rings made of gold.

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