With all the recent news about gold prices hitting new records, some people may ask whether platinum is more valuable than gold, particularly in the case of men’s rings. However, despite recent increases in the price of gold, platinum still reigns supreme. Recent gold prices indicate that it was selling at just under $1,350 an ounce on October 12th 2010, while platinum was selling for $1,689 an ounce on the same day. But how does this affect the price of men’s platinum rings? 

Platinum rings that are already in stock at your local jeweler or online retailer will probably not be affected by daily changes in trading prices because the rings are already in inventory, but you can expect to pay more for men’s platinum rings because they are in high demand and still considered much rarer than gold. 

Over the centuries, platinum has been considered a metal that is “fit for a king” because of how rare it is and how much more durable it is than gold. But platinum isn’t only used in men’s and women’s jewelry; about one third of all platinum is used by the automotive industry. It is also seen quite frequently in dental equipment and electronics. Like gold, it doesn’t corrode easily, but it has a much higher melting point. 

One very unique characteristic of platinum is how it doesn’t expand much when it gets hot, so it is not nearly as malleable as gold. This may explain why you rarely see platinum that is carved or poured into an intricate design. More than likely, the collections of men’s platinum rings you will find at a jeweler are designed into simpler shapes. 

Men’s platinum rings are more durable than gold too, which means they are better suited for men who are hard on jewelry. If you want a ring that will last and last, and you don’t mind spending a little more for it; then you should consider buying platinum. It has a very attractive white color that looks great against any skin tone, and it is also hypoallergenic. While it’s true that men’s platinum rings are more durable, both gold and platinum have the tendency to scratch. This means they may require a bit more maintenance than a ring made of titanium or tungsten. 

Pricewise, platinum will probably continue to be more expensive than gold; simply by virtue of its rarity. High demand for platinum from various industries contributes even more to its higher price, so unless another major source of platinum is found, it will probably continue to be quite pricey. However, the high price shouldn’t change the fact that men’s platinum rings are an excellent way to celebrate the commitment of a lifetime.

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