If you’ve been keeping up with the latest developments in wedding jewelry, you may have already heard how metals like titanium and tungsten have been stealing the thunder from long-established precious metals. After all, until recently no one would have guessed that something as foreign-sounding as “mens cobalt chrome wedding bands” could be a threat to platinum sales. But times have changed and men are looking for more value when they buy a wedding ring. 

If you have just started shopping for a men’s wedding band, then you may have no idea what I’m talking about, but all it takes is one visit to a popular online retailer – such as Mens-Wedding-Rings.com – and it’s easy to see why precious metals distributors might be adjusting their sales forecasts. Looking at the selection at this site, for example, it seems as if the best deals on men’s rings are found in collections of tungsten, titanium, silver and stainless steel. But let’s not forget the newest player among the “industrial” metals. Shoppers are clamoring to buy mens cobalt chrome wedding bands. The latest alternative metal to hit the jewelry industry is a brilliant white metal that threatens to win customers away from platinum. 

Mens cobalt chrome wedding bands look so much like platinum that it’s hard to tell them apart, and they are available at much more attractive prices. Cobalt chrome is a scratch-resistant metal that won’t tarnish or fade, and it won’t chip or shatter either. Like many of the alternative metals available today, it is far more durable than gold and harder than any of the traditional jewelry metals. Let’s put it this way; according to one men’s wedding ring retailer, “guys who were close to purchasing an expensive platinum wedding band are doing ‘double-takes’ over mens cobalt chrome wedding bands.” Jewelry retailers from every corner of the world are expected to jump on this trend. 

There was only one problem with cobalt chrome. While they were a “slam dunk” when competing against platinum, they were still priced higher than other popular alternative metals, such as titanium and tungsten. Shoppers started requesting a collection of more affordable cobalt chrome rings, one that would be comparable to other metals in its class. Fortunately, Mens-Wedding-Rings (MWR) recently started selling a second collection of top quality mens cobalt chrome wedding bands with a large selection of rings below $100. 

This exciting development puts cobalt on par with other alternative metals, at least at MWR. When compared with tungsten and titanium, mens cobalt chrome wedding bands are more scratch resistant than titanium and less scratch resistant than tungsten. Cobalt chrome is one of the only industrial-strength metals that can be resized. It has a weight that is heavier than titanium and lighter than tungsten, and a much whiter appearance than both of them. But the real difference is seen when you compare these rings to traditional jewelry metals. Mens cobalt chrome wedding bands are four times harder than platinum, five times harder than gold and seven times harder than silver.

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