It used to be that the bride was the only one who worried about every little detail of her wedding, but men are getting more and more involved in the preparations.  As a result, it’s not uncommon for guys to walk into a jewelry store seeking trendy men’s wedding bands.  Fortunately, wedding ring designers are usually a few steps ahead of their potential customers and offer plenty of trendy rings for men to choose from.

Choosing trendy men’s wedding bands doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning precious metals in favor of contemporary ones, but the coolest new styles are definitely found in the “unique and alternative” category.  If you choose to look for cutting edge designs, they may be hard to find in a traditional jewelry store.  The best selection of trendy men’s wedding bands is usually found online.


Black wedding bands – The most noticeable change in men’s wedding bands is the introduction of black metals such as black stainless steel, black tungsten and black titanium.  Guys are starting to look for black ceramic and black seranite materials as well, many of which are available in designer collections.  What’s nice about these rings is the fact that they’re black all the way through, not just on the surface, so they can easily be polished or buffed to a brilliant shine.

Two-tone wedding bands – When most people think of two-tone rings, the first image that comes to mind is a gold and silver combination, but today’s two-tone rings are more likely to be black and silver  Black titanium, tungsten or stainless steel is paired with the natural color of these metals in a variety of contemporary patterns.  Some are accented with a single cubic zirconia stone and others are brushed, polished or beveled.

Carbon fiber wedding bands – These trendy men’s wedding rings are truly unique because they incorporate the space-age texture of carbon fiber inlays.  Surprisingly, the most popular version of these rings is a polished titanium band with a black carbon fiber inlay.  Other favorites include gold or black carbon fiber for an unusual two-tone effect.

Christian rings – Men have been wearing rings that express their faith for years, but the Christian rings for sale today are very unusual.  Some feature cubic zirconia crosses and others are made from black titanium with embossed cathedral crosses.  Even one of the top wedding ring designers has introduced 14K and 18K gold religious rings with carved crosses all the way around.

Hammered wedding bands – The “hammered look” may not be anything new, but it’s definitely making a comeback.  Today’s hammered rings are a little bit dressier in the latest designer titanium styles, which are available in black and silver titanium as well as gold and silver.

This abundance of trendy men’s wedding rings proves that men have no excuse for a boring wedding band.  They now have a vast selection of metals and styles to choose from that will reflect their lifestyle and personality!

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