When buying a wedding ring, you certainly want to focus on the timeless rather than the trendy. However, for those who want something more unique or less traditional for their wedding band, some of the most recent (and most classic) trends can prove to be a great source of inspiration. Here are five trends in wedding bands for men to know now.

Cobalt chrome may not be as well known as other contemporary materials like titanium and tungsten, but it will be soon. In addition to being durable, affordable and hypoallergenic, cobalt chrome has a lustrous silvery white hue that closely resembles platinum or white gold. Because cobalt chrome is more malleable than other contemporary materials, it is ideal for setting gemstones like diamonds in. Cobalt chrome wedding bands for men are also resizable.

Black wedding rings.
Even the most traditional of guys are finding it hard to deny the appeal of black wedding bands for men. What once would have been considered the most alternative of hues is now becoming a serious competitor to gold and silver toned rings. Why the sudden popularity? For starters, black wedding bands for men are incredibly neutral, making them a great choice for a piece of jewelry that one plans on wearing every day. Black rings are also often budget-friendly, as they are usually made from affordable contemporary materials like titanium, tungsten, ceramic and stainless steel.

Rings with exotic wood inlays.
Men looking for something a little “different” have gravitated towards wedding bands with eye-catching wood inlays. Wedding bands for men with wood inlays have a certain rugged and adventurous look, yet are still sophisticated and stylish. Hawaiian Koa has proven to be particularly sought after, no doubt due to the handsome variations in the wood as well as its exotic origins.

Two tone rings.
Like black rings, two tone wedding bands for men can be surprisingly versatile, as well as a great choice for men having a tough time narrowing down their wedding ring choices to a single color. Popular two tone combinations include silver/gold, silver/black and black/gold, although the possibilities are virtually endless. For those with bolder tastes, wedding bands for men with carbon fiber inlays can offer a bright pop of color.

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