13 Unique Wedding Rings for Men

Best Selection of Unique Men’s Wedding Rings

We’ve listed 13 unique men’s wedding rings so you can find the ring that exactly shows off his mixture between traditional and contemporary style.   

Mostly Traditional, But A Little Different

  1. Satin Finish Black Titanium Ring with Polished Bands


Many men’s wedding rings are a simple single band, but it’s nice to give it something that sets it apart. While this ring is a sleek design, the color and textured finishes make it a hint more modern than more traditional ring styles. It’s sophisticated and crafted from the sturdiest titanium; a beautiful long-term reminder of the man you see him as.

2. Stainless Steel Wedding Ring Engraved with “Endless Love”


A classic, handsome metal used in making rings for years, stainless steel retains its wide appeal. Traditionally, bands are kept plain, but this mostly-traditional band is nowhere near plain. In bold, beautiful text, it shows clearly and openly how the wearer feels. When people see it they will smile twice - once for the ring’s beauty and once for what your husband feels for you.

3. Stainless Steel Celtic Knot Band


Making a 3D masterpiece out of a simple piece of jewelry, this celtic knot man’s wedding ring will also let your husband show off his heritage. A symbol of love and of union, an image that recalls centuries of history, the celtic knot can mean a lot of things to him, but this unique ring will always be a reminder of you.

Trying Something New

4. Designer Black Titanium Ring with Hammered Finish


What do you get when aircraft grade titanium meets an industrial hammer? The finest, most sophisticated hammered finish on a wedding ring, of course. This rich black titanium ring stands out, without all the shine and glare of traditional wedding ring designs. And who can ignore the intricate patterns down the central band? Definitely, a new classic.

5. Designer Black Cobalt Chrome Ring with Carbon Fiber


Black is the new black. And carbon fiber is one of the most popular and well regarded materials in men’s jewelry. Because it’s lightweight, it’s sturdy, and it goes great with everything. It’s chic and untraditional, yet not totally outrageous and wild. If that sounds like your guy, then this might be his ring.

6. Satin Finish Tungsten Wedding Ring with Shell Inlay


So subtle at first that people will think they imagined it, the shell inlay on this tungsten steel wedding band gives it a richness and a depth. Classy, sophisticated, and modern, this ring is just a step away from both the past and the future. If your husband loves the sea or your wedding is at the beach, the shell inlay will mean something special to him. Show him how unique your love for each other is.

7. Stainless Steel Wedding Ring Engraved with “Forever Love”


A stainless steel band has been a popular way to say “I love you” for years, but this ring does something different with it. The inverted shape and polish give it depth and structure. The words in the engraving - “Forever Love” - represent the true meaning of commitment. Perfect for any wedding ring, this one kicks it up just a little more than other rings.

Bringing Things to Today

8. Black Ceramic Wedding Band with Glossy Multi Faceted Dome Profile


Bordering on the very edge of modern chic, the only “traditional” thing about this band is the simplicity of it being a singular band. But the texture! The light catches from the domed surface, and because the ring is black it shines with mystery instead of being gaudy. Lightweight and comfortable, this men’s wedding ring pleases the crowd and the wearer.

9. Titanium Ring with Carbon Fiber Inlay and CZ


Titanium has become one of the most popular metals for men’s wedding rings in the past few decades, partly because there are so many interesting things you can do with it. It’s lightweight and sturdy, and looks great with other metals and gems. This handsome ring is a modern update on a traditional classic - combining carbon fiber and CZ for something truly unique.

10. Two Toned Titanium Ring Engraved with “Forever Love”


Breaking with classic wedding ring styles in many ways, this ring is for the man who wants it all. While the central band of the ring is titanium, the edge is beveled gold finish - giving it both the warm and cool tones that come with each metal. To top that off, the engraving down the center adds charm, warmth, and clearly makes a statement.

As Contemporary As They Come

11. Polished Tungsten Ring with Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay and Beveled Edges


Looking like something from a spaceship or a movie set, this fully modern ring is a real eye-popper. If your guy is the type who likes to catch people’s attention and really “wow” them with something different, he’ll be even more impressed with the comfortable, lightweight design and materials. Not only does this ring look good, it holds up. So he can show off his talent for marrying the right person again and again for years.

12. Black Ceramic Ring with Gray Carbon Fiber Inlay


This ring breaks all the rules. Lightweight black ceramic houses a dove-gray carbon fiber inlay that looks like racing stripes going around your man’s hand. Sleek and chic, this unique man’s wedding ring draws attention and starts conversations. A compliment to any hand, and a sharp accessory to any outfit.

13. Polished Tungsten Wedding Ring with Gold Carbon Fiber Inlay


Call him a little unconventional - call him unpredictable - whatever you call your husband, other people will see his willingness to take a little walk on the wild side with this ring. While the warm tone of yellow gold shows up - it does so unexpectedly as the central band of carbon fiber. With of the gleam of the tungsten, you’d swear the materials are competing with one another for attention.

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