With so many new jewelry metals now on the market it can be hard to tell them apart, but in my opinion there is one metal that stands apart from the crowd. As industrial metals go, mens titanium wedding rings are a superior choice. In just a few sentences, it can be hard to explain what makes these rings such a “find”. That’s why I put together this quick fact sheet to help you become familiar with this space-age metal.

Here are 12 facts that you should know about mens titanium wedding rings before you buy: 
  1. Titanium was discovered in 1791 by William Gregor, a British clergyman and well-known mineralogist. 

  2. The name “Titanium” originates from the Greek word for Titans, which is “titanos”, but scientists know titanium by the symbol “Ti” and the atomic number of 22. 

  3. Smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear, mens titanium wedding rings are much lighter than tungsten, platinum and gold. 

  4. Mens titanium wedding rings are known for their incomparable strength and durability. Titanium is seven times stronger than platinum, with a density that is closer to steel. 

  5. 5. Much less expensive than precious jewelry metals, high quality mens titanium wedding rings are now widely available in jewelry stores and can be purchased for less than $100. 

  6. Due to the strength of titanium, rings made from this metal cannot be resized, so be sure to measure your ring finger before ordering one. 

  7. Men’s titanium wedding rings are hypoallergenic, so they are perfect for men with sensitive skin.

  8. Titanium will not tarnish or change color – even with long term wear. 

  9. Two distinct grades of titanium are in use today – commercially pure or chemically pure – but titanium rings are made from commercially pure, or CP grade titanium. 

  10. CP grade titanium is ranked from 1 to 4, with 1 being the softest grade and 4 being the hardest. As more oxygen is added to the metal, it becomes harder and stronger. 

  11. Despite its hardness and durability, men’s titanium wedding bands are not immune to scratches, but they can be polished easily with light touch and a Scotch-Brite pad. 

  12. Colored titanium is not painted or coated with color. Color is added in the oxidization process, which causes a chemical change on the surface of the metal. 

Mens titanium wedding rings have enough positive qualities to make any man say “I do”, but these are not the only reason men choose titanium. Many of the top jewelry designers have made titanium their “metal of choice”. This means that some of the trendiest new styles in wedding jewelry are made exclusively in titanium. Making a decision about which wedding band to get may be difficult, but looking at these facts about mens titanium rings it is hard to imagine choosing anything else.

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